Always Summer


Before you shout what the royal fuck, Thad in Limegrove? There is a little cafe/clothing store called Always Summer. Warm and inviting with excellent coffee, cakes and cookies.

That isn’t the kicker, check their wine,champagne, prosecco, rum selection which hands down has the best prices for a superb line up.

Every single person I have met walks in

“How you find this place? ”

“Look at the those prices on the shelf.”

Each time someone retorts:-

“These in US prices?”
“Wait they have…that’s one of my favourite will but at x place it’s…”
“Man, in hay sweet”

For the rum lover,I recommend try Foursquare 2005 with a Hersey’s Kiss.

You are most welcome!
Ask for Tarek Juman tell him I sent ya!

PS: Warmed glass for rum is winning!

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